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Flamethrower, Blades, Spears




Hero Factory Prison Center
Bosquex (Clone)

"By killing you, I can win a lot of money"
―Spinax to Jimi Missile, Jungle of Danger

Spinax is a Bounty Hunter contracted by Shadow to kill the Delta Team 2 members.


The Past of Spinax is Unknown, he was transformed in a Bounty Hunter.

Jungle of Danger

Spinax, Smasher and Bultrax were contracted by Shadow to kill the Delta Team 2 members in the planet Bosquex, during his time on the planet he was mutated. When the heroes arrived, the bounty hunter Bultrax shot the Dropship with his Mass Driver Rifle. The ship begin to fall, the heroes jumped ship and the heroes were divided on the planet's surface. Spinax found Jimi Missile and began to attack. The bounty hunter tried to burn the hero with his flamethrower, but Missile used his claws to cut Spinax's tail. The bounty hunter attacked with his blades. After a fight, Missile pushed Spinax into a pit, and the bounty hunter fell. Later Missile left to find his teammates, Spinax climbed the pit with his blades. After climbing out Spinax saw Stealth Stalker and Nexus Beam, he tried to kill them. Spinax pushed Nexus into the pit, but the hero held on with his blades. Stalker tried to help Nexus but Spinax appeared behind him. Before Spinax could kill Stalker, Missile hit the bounty hunter with his claw and cut the legs of spinax, defeating the villain. Missile help Stalker to rise Nexus and the three heroes leave the Spinax into the Dropship. Later Spinax create a clone of himself to escape to the Jungle. Later the heroes back to Hero Factory with the captured bounty hunters Smasher and Spinax.

Abilities & Traits

Spinax, after being mutated Spinax had four legs and a tail. He can fly, and can cut with his legs. He has the ability to clone himself.

Weapons and Tools

Spinax are equipped with four blades in his legs, in his tail he have a Flamethrower and two Spears.