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Split-Gun is the solider commando for the Shadow Titans and the partner of Crow.


Split-Gun used to be a low-life minion-for-hire. He also was an expert marksman. Then one day, a strange person named Splitter hired him. He was given a rock called Trancidium to be used to make bullets. Split-Gun was made immortal the moment him touch the stone, and as for the bullets he made out of Trancidium, they were unbeatable. He then was partnered up with another minion named Crow. They both became friends and were made minion commandos of the Shadow Titan army.

Recent History

Split-Gun was imprisoned in the Hero Factory Prison Center but broke out in The Vengeance Attack.


Split-Gun is able to make great shots with his bullets. He also is high-tempered.


(Out of 15)

Strength: 15
Agility: 15
Toughness: 15
Mind: 15


  • Split-Gun is one of three Shadow Titans to be placed in the Hero Factory Prison Center.

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