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Zib Canon
"You know, Hero, we have more in common than you like to admit."
―Split Face on a Breakout Mission


Affiliation Black Phantom, Double Face
Weapons Infecticide, anti quaza beam, shredding claw
Status alive
Location Hero Factory Prison Center

Splitface is a strong, bulky Villain who is one of the Black Phantom's most trustworthy servants. He is also one of the most dangerous Villains in his crew, with both deadly weapons and skill for use against enemies. He weilds various weapons, including a Precision Laser, Infectious Spikes, a Shredding Claw and an Infecticide Gun.


Early Life

SplitFace was once named Sorry and his sister, now known as DoubleFace, was named Apologie. Their parents named these twins with two sides and minds this because they were very sad for them. One day instead of being green and red they were patched up by Zon's assistant, Gorux, into half metal making the duo killing macheines. Hero Factory arrested Gorux. Now, these two twins are a brutal combination of sympathy and rage.

Later Life

It is known that at one point, he was caught by the Hero Factory and taken to the Hero Factory Prison Center. There, he loomed for a short period of time until Voltix was captured. Upon his arrival, Voltix managed to somehow free Von Nebula - who created a black hole - and in the process, Voltix even managed to shut down the laser bars keeping the cells sealed. Splitface took the chance to escape.

Splitface then crept to his base, located extremely close to the Sigma Sigma Comms Satellite. There, many technicians aboard the satellite were frightened. Luckily, the Hero Factory quickly went to work - equipping each Hero with the 4.0 Upgrade. One of the modified Heroes was Surge, who worked nonstop to stun Splitface and hero-cuff him.

As Splitface was being brought back to the Hero Factory for temporary imprisonment, Surge was attacked by several Villains attempting to invade the Factory. Surge and many other Heroes fought off these Villains - including Splitface.


  • Split Face might have been intended to be a metaphore for Surge to fight.
  • He used to be part of the legion of darkness until Black Phantom betrayed them

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