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This article was written by Povak. Please do not add to this fiction without the writer's permission.

Splitter is a Shadow Titan overloard who can control time. Spiltter's top minons are the assasin Crow and Split-Gun.



Weaponry Detail

  • Temporal scythe: A powerful weapon. It can slice through a hero's armor with a brisk slash. A heavy mace serves a purpose of smashing small weaklings. The scythe can bend time to Splitter's will, allowing him to slow down it and cut his enemies, or to travel to any moment. Unlike any other time traveler, Splitter is not worried about the risks.
  • Electrical launcher: A heavy damaging weapon. It can absorb electricity in a range to deliver a powerful blast.


Splitter is usually not agressive unless people anger him. He is never merciful and will destroy all. Splitter has control over time, which he can utilize to kill his prey.


(Out of 150)

Strength: 150
Agility: 150
Toughness: 150
Mind: 150

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