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Staticfire Jax
Pulsefire Ezreal 2.0
Ranged Weaponry N/A
Melee Weaponry N/A
Guns Staticfire Cannon
General Information
Affiliation Hero Factory
Color(s) Azure,Titanium Metallic
Current Status Alive,Active
Location HF
Misc. Information
Alias(es) X,Static
Other Equipment Dash Shoes

Staticfire Jax is a experienced hero on Sonic Team




Jax's main colours are Titanium Metallic and Azure


Jax is serious,but can be a bit of a goofball,However he is still determined and helpful to rookies on any team,notably his teams rookies


X uses a Staticfire cannon that changed shape through the years


Speedy Crisis [TBW]


"Taste some of my Staticfire Cannon"
―Staticfire Jax

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