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Steve Victimus
Affiliation Hero Factory
Weapons Sword, propellers
Status Alive
Location Outer Space
Custom Hero Factory Wiki

Steve Victimus is a hero and detective, recently sent on a mission to investigate about the illegal Project Judgement.


Steve Victimus was built in the Assembly Tower using the most up-to-date parts and advanced technology. After his creation, he attended a law enforcement academy.

Many years later, Victimus was licensed by the Hero Factory as a detective.

The Project Judgement

When Makuro lost communications with The Purple Comet research station, Victimus was sent to investigate. Once there, he discovered that Dr. Maria Dinamis was conducting illegal experiments and producing bioweapons in the station. Makuro agreed that the creatures (and Judgement Units) stored in The Purple Comet were too dangerous, so Victimus set the station to self-destruct.

After the station's destruction, Victimus was given the task to hunt down Dinamis and secure any witnesses of The Purple Comet's operations.

Abilities and Traits

Victimus is versed in secrecy and espionage teachings. As a detective, he is also licensed to conduct civil and criminal investigations.

His role, when in criminal investigations, is to produce evidence that will stand up in a court of law. Victimus is known to lie, mislead and psychologically pressure his suspects into admission or confession.

Victimus has the ability to turn invisible due to a program in his Hero Core.


Victimus is armed with a sword, and has propellers to fly.

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