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"One will always know the truth, whether or not they believe it."
―Steven Saber
"All or nothing."
―Steven Saber
Steven Saber

Hero Factory: Hero Squad


shield, double wrist spike




Hero Factory

Steven Saber is a veteran hero and the leader of the Hero Squad.


Steven was created like most other heroes in the assembly tower. He was admitted into the Hero Squad after he stepped in to help the squad when they were being hit hard by numerous villains. Later on, he became the oldest hero still on the squad besides professor Z. Tripton. He was then considered the leader of the squad. He trained most of the new recruits including Jason Lance, and briefley Devon Striker and Aaron Sharp.


Saber was sent out on a secret mission, possibly similar to what Lance was a part of. Everyone assumed he was just sent out like all the other heroes, but that's not the truth. Saber was given the task of tracking down a previously unknown villain organization dubbed: Serial, for their multiple homicide attacks. He succeeded in his mission, and revealed their location to the others at Hero Factory, only he sacrificed himself to hold the villains at bay. He was killed by Core Hunter, one of the members of Serial, who escaped, leaving the others to be captured. When the rest of the squad heard, they were devastated, having lost their best member.

Abilities and Traits

Saber was a tough leader, but not as bad as Stormer. He often took time to getr to know his comrades, and gained many friends at the factory. He occasionally joked, mostly to keep his friends in good spirit. Steven always knew how to get a hero's motivation to train up.


Steven carried a shield that had a hidden blade which he could activate at any time. He also had a double wrist blade to melee with enemies. For the breakout, his right arm was reinforced to support a mega shield. In addition to a giant shield, Saber was given a power saber (haha, funny right?).


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 22
Agility: 21
Toughness: 21
Mind: 22



  • In Saber's honor, Lance had his breakout super charged weapon modeled after Steven's shield.
  • Rumor has it Saber was killed by Core Hunter's specialty: ripping out cores.