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Stone Carson






"Do you have Rocky Road ice-cream?"
―Carson when it is hungry

Stone Carson is a rock monster and an enemy of Twin-Krakla.


Carson is a rock monster similar to the Bruizers, but unlike the them, Carson did not get infected by the Brains. Instead Carson traveled to a moutain, where the infected DNA of the brains was located. When Carson met the Twin-Krakla and The Mutant Spiders, the Twin-Krakla challenged Carson in a daul. Carson won the daul, but the Krakla never stops trying to fight carson.

Abilities and Traits

Stone Carson's skin is rock hard, it's right fist is bigger then the other one.


Strength: 21
Agility: 10
Toughness: 17
Mind: 15


  • Mutant Mayhem


  • Stone Carson's face looks the same as the Twin-Krakla's mask
  • Stone Carson was once a Bruizer, but never got infected by the brains

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