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Cuff Launcher, Wrist-Mounted Plasma Net Launcher, Spiked Emerald Fire-Sword





Stormex was a very popular member of Hero Factory, and was even a friend of the famous Blanko.


Stormex was made with the 2.0 upgrade. Once, everyone accused him of sabotaging somebody else's mission, so he was banned from the Hero Factory for 3 years. When he was allowed back into the factory, he was immediatly given the 3.0 upgrade and sent off to the Savage Planet to help Alpha Team.

During the Savage Planet mission, he was badly injured, so in order to defeat Witch Doctor, he absorbed a bit of Quaza and thus Stormex XL was born. Stormex did very well in the battle against Witch Doctor, but then the villain gained the upper hand and almost completely depleted the hero's core. Then Rocka XL jumped into battle and defeated Witch Doctor. Stormex was saved from his demise.

Abilities and Traits

Stormex 2.0 had a Stormer 2.0 helmet and Nex 2.0 visor/head. He was equipped with 1 blue spear and 1 small blue cylinder piece as part of his weapon. He had an orange MTIS weapon and nex 2.0's right blade and stormer 2.0's blade. He had orange and white armor and a blue hero core. his 3.0 version had the 3.0 versions of those things.

His XL version had nex 2.0's whole head, a double plasma blaster and a white MTIS weapon with no accessories at all. He had 1 white foot and 1 orange foot on each leg, which each had 2 orange spikes on them. He had lots of armor and 2 long plastic flame pieces on his shoulders. He has an orange MTIS weapon on his back which serves as a jetpack. he also has stormer 2.0's whole torso.


  • He was the first Quaza-charged XL Hero.
  • He was the only hero to be banned from Hero Factory. Everyone else was an employee.