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Takua Nuva
Takua Nuva
Affiliation Hero Factory
Weapons Metal Sphere Shooter
Status Alive
Location Penitentiary 1331

Takua Nuva is a Hero in the service of Hero Factory.


Nuva was an exemplary Rookie, and earned the status of full Hero within a few years. He was so sucessful at capturing villains that he was given command of Penitentiary 1331.

While in command of the prison, Nuva met Jag Nearix, a Zaxinian Bounty Hunter. Jag convinced Nuva that a danger was coming, and it would cause the inihalation of the Galaxy. Nuva reluctantly let him go, and was taken into custody.

Nuva was court-marsheled and exiled from Hero Factory. Disgraced and abandoned, Nuva joined Nearix in hope that his release of the Bounty Hunter would be justified.



Nuva carries a Metal Sphere Shooter, and is a renowned marksmen.


Nuva is level-headed, and takes his jobs seriously. However, he is always willing to crack a joke to lighten the mood.



  • Though he shares a similar name and personality to Takanuva from BIONICLE, he is not the same being
  • His helmet resembles the Kanohi Avohkii from BIONICLE.

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