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Tantalus 5
Position Tantalus System
Size Class M Planet
Population Unknown
Status Ravaged by War

Tantalus 5 is the fifth planet in the Tantalus System, and is used mainly as a Penal Colony.


Tantalus 5 was uninhabited until its colonization, when seven cargo vessels filled with convicts were sent down to the surface to construct a Penal Colony. The construction was done by the end of the second year, and another batch of criminals were sent down to populate the planet.

The rich, fertile soil of the earth surrounding the colony made for excellent farming material, and was quickly turned into a large source of income for the planet. Grains and vegetables of all kinds were grown and exported to other worlds, while the prisoners remained under lock and key until their time had been served.

Of course, the security blockade hovering around the planet has been breached on various occasions, most notably by the infamous Zaxinian bounty hunter Jag Nearix. However, most of the perpetrators were quickly apprehended upon landing.

During the Gith invasion, Tantalus 5's surface was bombarded by warships, destroying the colony and the Penitentiary. The planet has yet to be resettled after the disaster.


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