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General Information

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Misc. Information

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Taris 2 was a team consisting entirely of Warrior class heroes, who had all been created specifically for the Natov-Cherak conflict. They fought throughout the conflict, with all but Taris 2-2 being terminated shortly before the end of the war.


Little of their history is on file, aside from what has already been stated.

Among the few things known is that they were an effective team, and were eventually assigned to difficult missions that had only Taris 2 taking on several Natov. Their fame and amazing combat abilities, along with the ineptitude of Hero Factory to use and organize it's forces, caused their eventual downfall close to the end of the war. Although Taris 2 is rarely mentioned for it, Their work to hold off a very large number of Natov resulted in the success of another, far bigger battle, as those Natov did not go to reinforce their brethren in the main fight until it was far too late and their numbers were diminished.

The cohesion of the team seemed strangely lacking during the last battle, an as of yet unexplained phenomena. Also, it would seem Taris 1 never received or chose a name, or the only surviving member, Jake Vend has somehow forgotten it. A possible reason for why the incident was never mention may be because it was never intended, and the order was misplaced. The other option considered is that Hero Factory simply wished to cover up one of their great blunders.