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Tarix Factory
Headquarters Tarix Mothership
Leader Aktan
Goal To destroy Hero Factory
Status Active
Allies Shadow Titans
Enemies Hero Factory, deathThorn

The Tarix Factory is an immortal group defending the Shadow Titans. Like their brotherhood, they can connect back their limbs, and absorb energy. Both brotherhoods seem to have a unknown grudge with DeathThorn. Their symbol is an "T". It is said that they would be put in Infernum once caught, but many doubt they will stay there. They are also allied with The Nano Army.



The Tarix Factory started off with its founder, Skullspliter. He was married to The Poison Queen. They had a daughter named Tarix. Soon there was a war against Hero Factory. Tarix nearly was killed, and her parents were turned to stone.

Tarix was aided by The Doctor. Soon she was turned into a giant space ship able to create warriors. So she then made the Tarix Factory.

The Start

After a year of building soldiers, Tarix came to an old temple. It had six pillars/stones. She broke them into pieces. Of course, she knew what they were. The tombs of the overlords. Soon, allied with villains hired by the Shadow Titans, they caused destruction over the universe.



  • Aktan
  • Von Spiral
  • Skullspliter
  • The Poison Queen
  • Shadaka


  • Corboo-boo
  • Tocticma
  • The Borak King
  • The Borak Queen


  • We didn't copy the name "Tarix" from Bionicle, it just, "came" to our minds.

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