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"Yeah, so, the only reason why we didn't get a commercial like those Alphas was because they, somehow, beat us in the mosh pit* that formed at the exit of Hero Factory and got to the cameras first."                                            *A mosh pit is "a thing that takes place at metal concerts in which people basically kick the living daylights out of each other."

"Amen, sister!"

"Preach it."

--Kaixin Utopia & Co. (Atlas Ironside and Moya Barracuda)

Tau-4 Team
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Fully active
Notable Allies Alpha-1 Team, Delta-4 Team, Delta-3 Team, several others, The Syndicate
Location Makuhero City

The Tau-4 team is one of the most powerful Hero teams anyone has seen in recent memory.


"Of course everyone's heard of us! We're Tau-4! We're famous!"

"What's this Tau-4 you speak of? Is that a disease? 

--Kaixin Utopia and Mak Megahertz

(A short overview of the team members. More information can be found on their respective pages.)

  • Caine TungstenThe leader of this team. He's the most well known member of the team, both for his actions done prior to being on this team, and during. Caine is often compared to Preston Stormer, but, while Stormer is seen as the level-headed leader, Caine is more like a "been-there-done-that" kind of person. All the team members look up to him as a role model, and as a target to beat during simulations and during the Monthly Tournaments.
  • Dustin CyclopsAnother very well known Hero among Hero Factory circles, but for different reasons. Dustin, along with Vyander Clockwork, was one of two Heroes considered for the Deputy position on this team. Dustin has gone above and beyond his duties in helping to keep the large number of rookies in check, as well as making sure Caine doesn't call all the shots. After all, being a Deupty Leader means something, right?
  • Vyander Clockwork: Though he is the oldest serving member and most experienced Hero on the team, Vyander personally handed over his chance at being the Deputy Leader over to Dustin. In fact, he might be one of the oldest functional heroes in all of Hero Factory. Quiet, and always out of the limelight, Vyander is the one pulling the strings from behind the scene. He's an introvert, and when he has something to say, everybody has a great deal of respect for his ideas and plans. However, that's not to say Vyander is just waiting until his pension comes through. He is often underestimated, and the other team members can only watch as his kill count creeps steadily upward, like the clockwork he was named after.
  • Kaixin Utopia: One will soon notice that Kaixin is the "team mascot" for the Tau-4. Perhaps it's her energetic, cheerful attitude. Or, maybe it's her witty comments. (Just look at those quotes!) According to the team, it's most likely the latter. Kaixin makes up for her short stature and rookie-ness with big guns, and a psotivie attitude on the operation field. Her Hero Core was designed so that she was a bit of a tomboy, so she can easily relate to her fellow male heroes. Spending time with Atlas has also rubbed off some of his behaviour on her. Of course, this only encourages her to fling insults at the team, especially Caine, who would give anything to give Kaixin a good kick in the shins.
  • Atlas IronsideThe (technically) biggest member of the group. Atlas is a gentle giant and is always ready to defend his teammates, no matter what the situation is. One could say he is a big brother for the rest of the team. Another notable feature of Atlas is the fact he is the only one who can get Kaixin to shut up. As Atlas and Kaixin share a strong bond (they were created within seconds of each other, so they like to think themselves as siblings), he has picked up on Kaixin's ability to formulate withering insults. As such, Atlas occasionally gives Kaixin a taste of her own medicine.
  • Xaedan SmokestackA rookie at the time of the Brain Attack. He is a quiet, introverted Hero, though he is friendly enough once you get to know him. Fiercely loyal, and perhaps the bravest member on the team, Xaedan has never backed down from anything, even if all the odds are stacked against him. Xaedan is also noted for being permanently paired with one of the most powerful beings to ever walk upon any face of any world you care to name.
  • Moya BarracudaA more senior Hero. She was created during the Breakout crisis, along with Karaleinne and Kaylenna. Unexpectedly, she had great prowess when it came to missions in or around the water. As such, when the Brain Attack rolled along, she was completely re-outfitted for underwater tasks. Moya is special, to say the least. She is perhaps the most open, most amiable member of the team. Even Kaylenna, who's paranoid like the Dickens, considers her a friend. As such, Moya also handles diplomatic issues, both within the team, and outside.


"Hah. 'Allies'. More like target dummies and punching bags."

--Kaixin Utopia

Alpha 1

The Tau-4 have interesting relationship with this Hero Team. One could describe it as a grudge, of sorts, but without the nastiness and constant vengeance that is sought in a typical grudge. Long story short, it's a love-hate thing. Certain Heroes, like Breez, Surge, Rocka, Bulk, and Tungsten have formed an unbreakable bond due to their past adventures, but others like Smokestack and Furno continually try to one-up each other. Of course, this behaviour is to be expected from two of Hero Factory's top Hero Teams, and deep down, the teams respect, albeit sometimes reluctantly, each other.

Delta 4

The Syndicate


  1. Caine Tungsten - The leader, the point man. He's one of the most hardened Heroes there is, and he's been through a whole lot more than other veterans. His Irradiation Form is tough to beat, so he makes the perfect leader for such a powerful team.
  2. Dustin Cyclops - The melee specialist. Nobody beast Dustin in hand-to-hand combat, or rather, sword-to-whatever combat. Dustin is the, unofficially, best swordsman Hero Factory has to offer.
  3. Atlas Ironside - Sieging. With his boulders, augmented size, and prodigious strength, no fortification is safe from Atlas.
  4. Kaixin Utopia - Ordnance. She packs the biggest, baddest, most awesomesauce weapon on the whole team, even if it's not made by Hero Factory. One shot of her Utopia Beacon levels a whole block, at the very least.
  5. Xaedan Smokestack - Artillery support. With his tough armor and "Reaper" cannons, Xaedan is a walking mortar tower. Fire in the hole!
  6. Moya Barracuda - Underwater specialist. As her last name suggests, Moya is most at home under water. Perfectly equipped for aquatic combat, no one can best her in the water.
  7. Karaleinne Cerebrum - Saboteur. Be it slicing into enemy vehicles, or worming her way into someone's mind, Kary's arsenal are perfect for the stealing of information and technology.
  8. Vyander Clockwork - Crowd control. His weapons, the Rocket crossbow and tesla cannon, are able to smash apart large groups of enemies with hilarious ease.
  9. Kaylenna Whisper - Assassin. Stealthy, nimble, Kaylenna will dance circles around you. She takes care of all the shadowy missions, striking from the shadows, and melding back into them by the time you've figured out what just happened.
  10. Diandra Autopsy - Medic. Technically, she's an army field surgeon. She a walking hospital. No wound is too great for her to repair, but she would prefer it if you didn't go charging forwards and walk on a landmine.
  11. Axel Faultline - Underground specialist. Like Moya, Axel was made to fight underground. With his hefty shields and three drills, Axel is better underground than the whole team put together.
  12. Karin Soulweaver - The Defender The Dreadnaught controller (formerly). Though Karin no longer controls her Dreadnaught, she is still an extremely powerful fighter. Never underestimate her forcefields. 
  13. Valentina Jinx - The Jack of All Trades. Equally suited for long-range combat or the desperate hacking and slashing of a pitched battle, Valentina is one of the most versatile Heroes of Hero Factory. 
  14. Thornton Conflux - The "Hole in the Ace". Thornton is no longer part of the Tau-4, but when he was, he was truly a force to be reckoned with. More often than not, Thornton simply needed to step on his foes, not bothering to use his laser drill or massive blade arm.
  15. "Mary" - "The Wild Card". "Mary" is... unique. She is not technically part of Hero Factory. She is a very formidable fighter, easily capable of defeating most of the Tau-4, all at once. With her power over fire, she is arguably the strongest Tau-4 member. She is called the "Wild Card" due to her mental instability.


"That's all we are, really. We're not living, breathing, beings, nor are we even robots. We're just numbers."

--Xaedan Smokestack

Each of the Tau-4 Members has a number assigned to them, according to their general battle prowess. Since Tau-4 Members are considered Hero Factory's elite, they are rarely sent as a team. Oftentimes, a single Tau-4 Member is dispatched, or a small group, if necessary. 

This ranking system is extremely cut and dry. Whoever holds a higher rank is so obviously stronger than another of a lower rank. This causes very fierce competition between the Tau-4 Members. Initially, this allowed for everyone to try their hardest. However, during the Madness Series, it is seen how this ranking system takes its toll on the whole team.

The Tau-4 Members' rankings have become used so often, that they are even called by their ranking number in the field occasionally.

During the Madness Series, each of the Heroes are given another set of numbers, whoch refers to their numbered Future Logs. As such, the below rankings are more or less obsolete after the Madness Series.

Here are the rankings at the onset of the Madness Series:

  1. Dustin Cyclops
  2. Kaylenna Whisper
  3. Caine Tungsten
  4. Valentina Jinx
  5. Karin Soulweaver
  6. Atlas Ironside
  7. Vyander Clockwork
  8. Karaleinne Cerebrum
  9. Xaedan Smokestack
  10. Moya Barracuda
  11. Axel Faultline
  12. Kaixin Utopia
  13. Diandra Autopsy

After receiving the Future Logs, the Tau-4 began going by the number of each Log.

  1. Valentina Jinx
  2. Dustin Cyclops
  3. Diandra Autopsy
  4. Kaylenna Whisper
  5. Caine Tungsten
  6. Kaixin Utopia
  7. Karaleinne Cerebrum
  8. Not owned by a Tau-4 Member
  9. Not owned by a Tau-4 Member, owned by "Mary"
  10. Xaedan Smokestack
  11. Moya Barracuda
  12. Vyander Clockwork
  13. Atlas Ironside
  14. Karin Soulweaver
  15. Axel Faultline

Notable Features/Equipment (tbw)

"Kaixin. Ms. Utopia. With all due respect, I am going have to once again decline your request for a vehicle. Flying motorbikes with four engines, and, from what I can tell from your hastily drawn sketch, rainbow afterburners violate the laws of physics. It is physcially impossible to eject rainbows from any end of anything you care to name."

--A disgruntled Hero Factory technician, to Kaixin Utopia

A large part of the Tau-4's successes come from their state of the art equipment. Most Heroes have "stuff" the majority of planetary militaries don't have, but the Tau-4 have "stuff" nobody has ever even seen before. Here's a list of the most major technological advances the tau-4 usually are issued with:

  • The "Carapace" model suit: A miracle of modern science. Not only does this suit of armor dissipate ion bursts, resist lasers and fire, and is impervious to kinetics, it also relays a constant stream of data back to Mission Control, including location, status, and even oil pressure. The Carapace suit is a walking clinic. A couple of variants have been produced, including the enlarged and stealth Carapace suit, used by Atlas and Kaylenna respectively. However, the most unique part of the Carapace suit is its semi-sentience. The Carapace suit is capable of actually communicating with its owner, and only its owner. The Tau-4 members have each formed a peculiar, but strong, bond with each of their Carapce suits. This odd connection is known among the other Heroes of the Factory, so a Tau-4 member muttering at their suit of armor is not an uncommon sight.
  • Various vehicles: 

Caine's terraincycle: A modified version of the Furno Bike. Instead of wheels, there are a series of treads on the rear, and a huge spinning saw at the front. The result is a motorbike that screams into combat, but can still travel on any terrain you care to name, and can take a mortar shell but still come out smiling.

Karin's dreadnaught: Though technically not a vehicle, Karin has definetly taken advantage of the 'naught and has often been seen sitting on top of it, while it ferries her around. Her Dreadnaught, Dawn Titan, is a wall of steel and vengeance. Thornton Conflux, the Hero inside the Dreadnaught, though killed in action, continues to serve Hero Factory through his Dreadnaught, along with Karin, the mecha's controller. In addition, Karin is permanently bonded to the Dreadnaught. As such, she is able to telepathically communicate with Conflux. Though it is disconcerting at first to hear a dead Hero's thoughts, Karin has gotten used to this, and Conflux's past experiences and tidbits of wisdom have aided the team greatly.

Kaixin's skycycle: Born out of a whimsical sketch, Kaixin soon became convinced that a flying motorbike would be a ride that would be a great asset to Hero Factory. Though her fellow team members agree with this, only one thing stands in the way. It is not technically possible to create a flying motorbike. However, with anti-gravity technology being researched, there perhaps may be a way to bring Kaixin's dream to reality.

Atlas' tank: Atlas' request for a personal tank has been repeatedly rejected. There is a method behind his madness, however. His reasoning is simple. He can't fit into any other means of combat transportation except a tank. If Atlas ever does get his own tank, the entire Tau-4 has agreed that it would be make him an instant legend within Hero Factory.

Trivia (tbw)

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