This guide is for the following templates: {{Character}}, {{Location}}, {{Fiction}}. The system of using them is the same. Only the {{Character}} is demonstrated below.

In order to use any of the aforementioned templates, simply type (Example: {{Character}}) them while Source editing. To edit in Source, click this button:


Then, go back to the Visual Editor, and hover over the little green puzzle piece: Puzzle piece

Then, start editing!

{{Character |color = teal Available colours: Blue, red, green, yellow, white, purple, teal, cyan, lime, black, gold, pink, orange.
|image = Wiki-wordmark.png Only the image name is needed to be put here. Example: "Wiki-wordmark.png"
|Image = Wiki-wordmark.png It does not matter where the image is put. It can be in this field,  the one above, or both.
|Ranged Weaponry = Example: Bow and arrow For this and the below field, simply type what you want.
|Melee Weaponry = Example: Sword
|Guns = Example: Machine gun
|Affiliation = Example: Himself
|Color(s) = Example: Teal, blue
|Current Status = Example: Deceased
|Location = Example: Unknown
|Alias(es) = Example: ''None'' For this and the below field, italics were used.
|Other Equipment = Example: ''None'' }}

This will result in the template below.

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