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The Box
Position Unnamed Pocket Dimension
Size Infinite
Population Classified
Status Stable, Inhabited
"The Box is the house of the damned, kid. The only person I know to have made it out alive is Talana, and she was never the same afterwords. I'd stay the hell away from there if I were you."
Taiven Crossfire to Dacian Bounty, Gods Among Us

The Box is a Pocket Dimension used as a maximum security detention center for supernatural cases.


The Box is an infinite prison, a massive labyrinth of hallways with cells lining every wall. It is constantly changing, making it nearly impossible to navigate through it without some sort of tether to the real world.

Constructed of living metals not found anywhere in the real world and colored a sickly black, the cells are impenetrable to all powers and can only be opened by one of the silent prison guards, the Sentinels, or the Warden himself. As such a sentence to the box is to be sent to hell itself, and the few unlucky inmates have reportedly gone mad.

The only way in or out of the Box is a portal into the the Theta 2 team's Headquarters, specifically a vault located in inside the Asteroid. This is the only portal known to exist, and according to Zeric Faustus, the only one that can. As there is only one possible exit inside the prison, only one portal can exist in the real world at a time.


To be revealed...


  • The Warden
  • Sentinels
  • Several unidentified villains (Non-natives)


  • Gods Among Us


  • The concept of the Box was inspired partly by the super-prison of Azkaban from the Harry Potter series, as well as the fan-made Hero Factory prison of Infernum (created by ChineseLegolas).