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Over the course of my plotlines, I have a few major Hero Teams. These are what my stories revolve around.


Alpha Team

The origanal canon characters, redone and remade. I have six of the origanals here, though they won't all apear in one story. They are mostly used for supporting characters when I need them.

  • Preston Stormer- The leader of the Team. Page coming soon.
  • William Furno- The up and coming second-in-command. Page coming soon.
  • Dunkan Bulk- The brute squad. Page coming soon.
  • Jimi Stringer- The musician. Page coming soon.
  • Julius Nex- The tech geek. Page coming soon.
  • Nathan Evo- Samuri warrior. Page is here.

Delta Team

The main protagonists in Rise of Overlord. They were my first Heroes on this wiki.

  • Winston Breez- The leader of the Team and Natalie Breez's brother. Page is here.
  • Robert Freeze- The cold and calculating loner. Page is here.
  • Tim Spike- The rebellious teen-like Hero and Tom Spike's brother. Page is here.
  • Tom Spike- The Team pilot and Tim Spike's brother. Page is here.

Hero Recon Team

The origanal Recon Team had two confirmed members. Mine has three.

  • Mark Surge- The silent hunter and former Alpha Team member. Page is here.
  • Daniel Rocka- The quick and deadly master of traps and former Alpha Team member. Page is here.
  • Merrick Fortis- The leader of the Team. Page coming soon.

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