This article was written by DeltaStriker. Please do not add to this fiction without the writer's permission.

Introduction to the Introduction

Considering the fact that this is a fanon wiki, I use many materials, phrases, etc. that are non-canonical. This guide will explain all of those items that are unique to me here, instead of creating pages for each of them.

Throughout this guide I will make references to articles and stories I have written. This may confuse some who have not read my works. Knowledge of my works is not necessary, but it is recommended.

The Basics

Each section of this guide contains:

  • A short introduction to the topic
  • A description of the item(s) involving the topic
  • References to times the item(s) have appeared in my works

This format is subject to change at any time.


  • This guide will constantly be expanded as my universes, stories, and characters expand.
  • All most all of my works take place in my own unnamed universe. This universe is a darker version of the canon one, but it has many of the same events from the canon universe.

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