I use many materials that are not used in the Canon universe. Some of these materials are from our universe. Some are from other fictional universes. Some are my own creation.

You will find that many of these elements have not yet appeared in my plotlines. Big whoop. They will...eventually.



  • Sigmatic Ore- A highly radioactive ore, mined from the Quiron Belt. After being decontaminated, it is used in making various Hero Factory related equipment (Hero armor, Hero pods, Hero crafts, etc.). It is incredibly strong, and very few substances are known to have the ability to destroy it.
  • Galagigtite- This incredibly strong form of steel is extremely rare, with the only known natural supply of it being on Rarthim. It has also been known to retain it's shape and direction when passing planets, suns, and even black holes. Becasue of these properties, Galagigtite has been reserved for creating small research vessels that explore certain areas previously inaccessible.
  • F'sar Gold- F'sar gold is much lighter and solider that normal gold. It is very common, and is used to make statues and such.


  • Vasiq- A highly addictive spice, mined from the depths of Quir. It is often smuggled out of the mines and sold to many lowlifes who have become addicted to it, making many smugglers very rich beings. Vasiq is also used for medicinal purposes.
  • Kedry- A type of rock, common to many habitable planets.
  • Duotuoh- TBA


  • Cocinslepe- A medicinal liquid, used to sedate patients for surgeries.


  • Anti-matter- The opposite of matter. Used to power many space vessels.


  • Sigmatic Ore was used to make most of the armor and weapons in Rise of Overlord.