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The DX Team is a team of aggressive heroes operating under the Hero Factory.


First Squad


The DX Team First Squad. Cass (Gray), Truth (Green), Jericho (Blue), Chung (Gold), and Draven (Black).

  • X-Train-Leader of the First Squad. He was set up to catch and cuff Quazadax.
  • Jacob Cass-A young rookie who wants to be like the other heroes. He was upgraded with wolf-themed armor to go up with XScreamosaurus.
  • Kofi Truth-A high-flying hero. He was upgraded with a hydromask and hydro-boots against AnglerBlade.
  • CM Jericho-He hates Randy Punk. He was upgraded with anti-mutation armor and a tank visor, that Dr. Ziptos Ph.D's poison won't be able to destroy.
  • Lin Chung-A swords-master. He was upgraded with a golden sword and golden armor so he can withstand the power of The Grundle in a zero-gravity environment.
  • Preyton Draven-A scientist who was attacked and left for dead after he "accidentally" releases Quazadax. Cronk thinks he died and thus a funeral was held. After the accident, he was sent to the hospital and was placed in client. He then escaped the client and went back to the Hero Factory to be rebuilt. His face became burned and scarred. And his voice became deeper and raspier due to minor injury caused by the severe burns. He was upgraded with dark, imposing armor and a death mask, so he can hide his face to deal with Colossus.

Second Squad

Degenerate This!

The DX Team Second Squad. Rarity (White), Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Colors), Fluttershy (Cool Yellow), Pinkie Pie (Pink), and Applejack (Orange).

  • Twilight Sparkle-Leader of the Second Squad.
  • Rarity-She's in love with Preston Stormer.
  • Rainbow Dash-A tomboy.
  • Fluttershy-A kind girl.
  • Pinkie Pie-A party girl.
  • Applejack-She speaks in a southern accent.

DX Team Air Force

  • Spike
  • Jimmy Test
  • Jey Test
  • Dr. Whooves
  • Derpy Hooves
  • Tazz Dingo

DX Team Army

  • Goliath
  • Hudson
  • Brooklyn
  • Lexington
  • Broadway
  • Bronx
  • Angela

Criminal Obliteration and Punishment Society (C.O.P.S.)

  • Cronk
  • Zepher

Other Members

  • Stoick the Vast
  • Gobber the Belch
  • Dr. Frumpus Croid
  • Dr. Nevo Paperweight Binklemayer
  • Skipper
  • Kowalski
  • Rico
  • Private

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