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The Doctor
The Doctor
Affiliation Shadow Titans,

and Tarix Factory

Weapons Dual Blades
Status Immortal
Location Unknown

The Doctor is an assassin who serves and works for the Shadow Titans and the Tarix Factory. He is also the husband of Sliza.


The Doctor was a mining-bot who found a source of Trancidium and used it on himself to give himself the powers to clone himself and disappear. Aktan and Povak started giving him lessons on how to be a assassin and Villain along with his brother, Shadow-Steel. Soon after that he married Sliza, and the two reeked havoc across the universe.


He has the powers to clone himself and to turn invisible. He also has extrodinary intelligence, and is usually calm unless heroes start trying to cuff him, or Viro comes into his sight.


(Out of 50)

Strength: 25
Agility: 45
Toughness: 45
Mind: 50


  • is his son.

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