The Massucure on Main Street

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"I'm gonna kill all you heroes! Yes, I have gone rogue!"
―Duncan Hammer, to Matthew Fireblast, before stabbing Fireblast through the back, and killing him.


The Massucure on Main Street began with a bar brawl on Main Street, in Makuhero City. It was a nice evening in June, and some heroes were getting together to celebrate the end of the Breakout. A rogue hero named Duncan Hammer was hiding from the heroes in fear of being arrested, when he decieded to start a brawl so he could escape. He punched some people, then the brawl started. A hero named Matthew Fireblast saw Hammer and went to catch him. Fireblast and Hammer began fighting on the street, and the other heroes came to break up the fight when Hammer stabbed Fireblast through the back, and Fireblast fell to the ground. Hammer went to fight the other heroes, when one contacted Mission Control. Mission Control sent Rocka, with a new upgrade to help. In the end, Hammer was arrested and all of the heroes at the party were killed, except for Rocka. 


Matthew Fireblast

Leslie Rhino

Nathan Spear

Gavin Flyer

Dwight Slasher

Mitchell Dasher