The Moon's Shadow
Dark hero
Affiliation Dark Hero Factory, Puzzle-Brandex
Weapons None
Status Alive
Location Dark Hero Factory, the moon
"You heros think its funny to Eves-drop"
―The Moon's shadow talking to a hero team
The Moon's Shadow, like Grandex is one of the Dark Hero Factory's generals and he hates the origanal Hero Factory.


The Moon's Shadow was originaly suppossed to be a coffee-making Dark Hero. After Puzzle-Brandex recognized The Moon's Shadow's fighting moves and special powers, he decided that he could work alongside him with Grandex, in order to destroy the origanal Hero Factory.

Brandex told him to work with the hero factory when he desided to join the good guys.

Abilities and Traits

He is very quick, and can defy gravity. He also has telekenisis.



Strength: 60
Agility: 90
Toughness: 50
Mind: 110


  • Space Man
  • Moon Man
  • H2o
  • Ice Cream


  • The idea of this Dark Hero came from video games and TV shows

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