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The Remainder
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Darkness and death. Real weapons unknown.





The Remainder is a mysterious creature that lives on Quatros. Note that the original MOC belongs to LEGOJang.


Hardly anything is known about this beast besides the fact that the Pi Team discovered it. The Remainder is the bones and parts of heroes who tried to confront it and the villains who tried to master its power.

It has the soul of Shawn Blaze and M. When Shawn was killed, his merged soul has made the Remainder.

"The Hero Factory's sudden return of most of the stolen Quaza crystals directly to the core of Quatros released a jolt of life-giving energy that enveloped the planet. It was such a strong wave that full vitality was restored to not only things that had been dying, but even some that had been fully dead. The Remainder is a sentient, yet zombie-like creature formed from the corroded, decayed components of all previous bio-robotic life forms on the planet. Its form and behavior are influenced by all of the creatures that contributed to its physical mass. Partially restored consciences cluster together and mingle, and where the cluster is most dense, the enormous creature takes shape, emerging from the ground in a sequence that most closely resembles melting, but in reverse. The Remainder has shown no aggressive tendencies. In fact, because it has no single "brain," but instead what might be called partial "spirits" of tens of thousands of creatures, it appears to have no discernable motivation of any kind. It isn't good or bad, it just is. It walks, it roams, it dissolves, it reintegrates."


That was before M came. He used the beast, and ripped it off the planet and locked it up in himself. When Shawn mutated, that part was unlocked.


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