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The Removal was a horrible event that nearly caused the end of the universe.

After the recent discovery of a new universe called "The Bionicle Universe", the Hero Factory sent the Pi team to search a planet called "Mata Nui". They found a temple called "The temple of the mask".

CHAPTER 1: Mata Nui

Staring at the raw power of time and space was one thing. But being on a mission to find a legend was another. Shawn Blaze and the Pi Team was on a mission to go through a unknown vortex. A new universe, a new world, what could be better? How about DYING on the way? No, i am joking. That didn't happen. I am the Master Of Paradox. I have devoted my while at the abyss of Vaxel, while waiting for Hero Factory to arive and get me, writing this story. I am a hero, yes, but i go solo. Most of the time. I was with Shawn at the time. Anyways, Shawn was looking out the window of a Hero craft, while i was driving it. We arived at the vortex. Big, purple and swirly. We contacted Hero Factory, and BOOM, we went inside. When we came out, we were staring at a spiral with 2 dots. We arived at the middle of the spiral, at a planet. Shawn was a rookie, so i made sure to watch him. The planet was covered in vines, but it was great. Everything looked so pretty. We saw in the floor of the planet "MATA NUI IS DEAD: DEAD IN THE MASK".

"So this is Mata Nui, Eh?" Said Shawn.

We got out of the ship. I was worried about Shawn, so i stuck a special camera that sends back whats happening onto Shawn. Shawn wanted to split up with us. With the camera, i was fine with that. I went inside my ship to watch Shawn. He found a temple! He was stopped by a strange black smoke...

To be continued.

By MasterOfParadox. Do not write without permission.

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