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The Siege
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The Siege Takes Years before the events of Hero Factory. The story focuses on Lexton Stormer.


  • Union General: Fall Back! We need to preserve our energy for tomorrow.
  • Lexton Stormer: But we can't just surrender! The people need us!
  • Union General: They can wait. Besides, we are outnumbered! We need to wait until the reinforcements Arrive.
  • Lexton Stormer: Okay I'll get some rest.

The Next Morning:

  • Union Soldier: Stormer! Wake Up!
  • Lexton Stormer: What! Why? The reinforcements arrived?
  • Union Soldier: The Confederates attacked us and we need to retake the town before they defeat us!
  • Lexton Stormer: I'll get My Frost Blaster!

On the Battlefield:

  • Union General: Keep Moving! If we wanna retake the town in no time.
  • (a gunfight pccurs)
  • Union Soldier: Ahhhhhh! I'm hit!
  • Union General: Oh no! Stormer take him back to the camp!
  • Lexton Stormer: Yessir!
  • (Stormer takes the wounded Soldier in the camp)
  • Lexton Stormer: Stay here! We'll be back!
  • (Stormer Returns in the Battlefield)
  • Lexton Stormer: Imma show this guys who's Boss!
  • (Lexton Stormer Freezes three Confederate Soldiers
  • Union Soldier: Not bad for a Lieutenant!
  • Lexton Stormer: thanks!
  • (Confederate Soldiers Surround Them)
  • Union Soldier: We're surrounded! By all of the Confederates in this town!
  • No matter! They're here!
  • Lexton Stormer: What's here?
  • Union General: Reinforcements!
  • (Union Soldier shoots the Confederate Soldiers)
  • Lexton Stormer:We'll that's all of them! We Won!
  • Union General: We may won the Battle! But not the War. Let's rest and tomorrow we'll go to New Stellac!

The War Continues on the next story: Remembrance part 1 and 2