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The Sword



It's various forms of destruction


Shattered and disintegrated


The remains of Zelaus 4


Originally created on an unknown planet, The Sword was an experimental project created by an elusive group known as 'The shadow hands'. It was originally intended to be sold to the highest bidder after completion the Sword was stolen by ScrapHeap to suit his needs during the bidding process. With this powerful weapon at his control he caused havoc and destruction galaxy-wide until he was brought to justice by a small hero team. After being captured this weapon was removed from him and kept in storage, only to be reclaimed by it's former master. After a team of heroes were sent to re-capture him on Zelaus 4 , this weapon killed at least two of the heroes before finally ending the fight by being used to activate ScrapHeap's last resort, the powers inside the sword were unleashed into the Endgame blaster (A cold-fusion powered bomb), rendering the weapon useless before being destroyed by the aftermath of the explosion.

Abilities and powers

The sword was capable of shifting between forms at it's master's will,However this was limited due to safety measures added in by it's former creators.