The Terrible Three
Criminal Gang
Affiliation Themselves
Weapons Different weapons
Status Alive
Location Unknown

This article was written by Drone Vee7. Please do not add to this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Terrible Three are a dangerous criminal gang.


They joined long ago and decided to work together to dominate the universe. They look with great contempt the Hero Factory and are determined to destroy them.


  • Xajin: He is the head of the gang. Lethal at a distance and in close combat, Xajin focuses his strength to break down the defenses of the opponent. Tends to be very impulsive.
  • Gharx: It is not very fast but has a force which can destroy even the hardest metal. When attacking always ready with a strategy and is constantly evaluating the environment to always have the upper hand. Nothing resists him.
  • Phantomex: Coming from a parallel universe, Phantomex is a dangerous criminal who has many powers, including: levitation, blow ice, poison, paralyze, intangibility, invisibility, creating illusions, telekinesis and fire energy beams. Its weak point is the total vulnerability to light and heat, consuming it.



  • Claws
  • Organic sails
  • Steel stinger
  • Spikes


  • Force Blade
  • Sonic shield
  • Thundering Meteor Blaster
  • Thundering Meteor Crossbow
  • Wings


  • Tentacles
  • Fangs
  • Wings
  • Phantom Axe

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