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This is a story about the terrible criminal Xajin. These are The Xajin Chronicles.


For centuries Xajin rocked the universe. A criminal so dangerous it had never existed. Everything he had lived, however, he wrote in a diary. Many pages were yellowed and torn, perhaps to avoid some of the secrets leaked out.
These pages recounted The Xajin Chronicles.

Chapter 1: The Henchbots Strike

Mukara Desert,Orona Maxia / Year 1051 BVN

I am close to the shuttle that carries the gold bars.I have no choice.The boss said that I would not have stood a chance if I didn't bring him what he wanted.The day I would have killed him,as indeed I did.

I have often thought about how to take the place of the head and killing him.But I was young and inexperienced, too inexperienced.My fellow citizens were poor because of my boss.He controlled the traffic on most of the Oorbal Nebula and had reduced to slavery any person indebted to him.I was at his service only to be able to pay for medical care to my parents.

"Xajin?"- says Vrax,my old friend.

"What happens?"

"It's a trap.There's no one gold transport in the region."

"A trap? Ha,what makes you think it's a trap?"- I ask.

"Those ugly faces that come to us don't tell you anything?"- says Vrax.

At that point,I see the strange creatures...

"Eeeeerk!!! Hunters! We must escape from this planet."

"Uh? Why?"- says Vrax.

"Hunters hunt only criminals with secrets about the boss and the organization."

"You have these secrets?"

"Errr...I need them.They're my only hope to save my family."


After defeating the henchbots,Me and Vrax go to the Spacecraft point to escape.

Space Tavern "Honk Taar",Spacetavern Planetoid / 10 hours late

Hours later,we decided to meet in the Space Tavern,to make a plan for the next day.

"What happened on Orona Maxia not reassure me.Why the boss wants me out of the way? I took only a galactic map of this area.I don't think a betrayal."

"Better not think about these things now."-says Vrax.

"Why? Do you have to do something?"

"No,but we had better leave.It's coming a police patrol.Better to go where I know."


"Onto Uraanak,to meet a friend...Do you come with me?"


Yes,of course.A magnificent idea.

Who will be the friend of Vrax? How am I going to defeat the minions of the boss that are chasing me? All these questions will have to solve!