Thornraxx contains canon Hero Factory information.
This article contains canon information but has fanon info added to it. Therefore, this article shouldn't be deleted, since this article also contains fanon info. The canon version of this page can be viewed here.

Zib Canon

Affiliation Villain, Biomechanical Insect
Weapons Two blades, Wings, Venom
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Thornraxx is a villain.


Thornraxx served many of the Black Phantom's minions. Similar to a Waspix insect, Thornraxx was created as a warbug and is very fierce and dangerous. He has sometimes been known to partner up with Waspix insects.


Thornraxx is armed with claws and a stinger tail (possibly venomous). He also has wings and can spit paralyzing poison from his mouth.


Strength: 7
Agility: 21
Toughness: 8
Mind: 9


Being a genetic experiment, Thornraxx is crazed and insane. He will go to any length to get what he wants, though his strong sense of self-preservation makes him cautious of putting himself in danger. Because of this, He often sends in his minions to do his bidding.


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