Affiliation Garfield Zug
Weapons Gun, Keyblade
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Throx is a creature that was made by Zug.


Throx was created by Zug in another dimension, it was relased by Zug after he escaped. Now Throx is Zugs right-hand beast and apprentice. Zug once called him a Dark Maker because of it's powers.

Abilities and Traits

It's legs are sharp as a Spider Shamuses' are, One of it's hands is a gun, it is also double jointed.


Strength: 180
Agility: 150
Toughness: 190
Mind: 210



  • It is possible that Throx is part Spider Bob and part Spider Shamus.
  • Throx can not talk but it understands every language even old languages.
  • Throx does not have a gender.

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