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This article, Thunder, is about a canonical character, object, creature, or location. The correct information is boosted with fanon information. Therefore, this article cannot be used for reference.
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Ranged Weaponry Meteor Blaster
Melee Weaponry Crusher Claw
Guns Nebula Gas Cannon
General Information
Affiliation Von Nebula's Gang
Color(s) Silver, Gun Metal, Black
Current Status Active
Location Unknown
Misc. Information
Alias(es) None
Other Equipment None
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Thunder is one of Von Nebula's villainous and destructive servants.


At one point, Von Nebula recruited Thunder into his gang. Since then, Thunder has committed countless thefts and exortion acts, and is suspected in the shredding of an entire trade fleet. Von Nebula later led Thunder and the other henchbots to rob the Deltari Quadrant of their palomino diamonds, which they did successfully.

Thunder, along with Corroder was sent down to New Stellac City in a meteorite-like pod. They fought the Alpha Team until two more pods, containing XPlode and Meltdown arrived. However, shortly before this, William Furno, Natalie Breez and Mark Surge arrived as well. Von Nebula created a black hole and sucked up the Heroes' weapons (Along with Stormer and Furno), leaving the rest of the Heroes for the villains. However, the four Heroes scattered their atoms with Particle Distorters so that the villains' weapons couldn't harm them. The villains shortly ran out of ammo. Thunder and Meltdown were stunned, followed by Corroder and later XPlode. Jimi Stringer and Dunkan Bulk took a giant metal bar and wrapped it around the four villains. Thunder was than brought to the Hero Factory Prison Center. During the Breakout he, along with Splitface, Drilldozer, and Reftor went around and attacked a lot of people.

Sometime later, Thunder was upgraded and met up with Rotor, XPlode, Corroder and Meltdown to battle the ZETA Operation at Acid Wharf.


Thunder is said to be Von Nebula's toughest servant, even though rotor obviously is. He takes pleasure in the fact that he can scare the daylights out of most citizens just by looking at them. His lack of intelligence leades some heroes to the mistaken conclusion that this is a weakness. Few have made this mistake and lived to tell the tale. He will sometimes twist his body into a ball to bowl over his adversaries. He is heavily armed and highly dangerous.


Thunder has silver and black armor and translucent crimson eyes.


Thunder is armed with a Meteor Blaster and a Crush Claw.



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