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Black Phantom, Von Nebula


explosive spikes and whip, metal canon and tank arm




Into being

After the breakout, a hero named Samuel Pamgox found Xplode and thunder hiding together. He accidentally smashed them together to avoid a battle. Out of confusion, the two decided not to do anything but run which, of course, was quite a challenge. Thunder tried to jump off a cliff while Xplode failed to keep on. Thunder is smarter than he looks and knew they were going to survive the transformation.


They ran as fast as they could into the wormwhole and escaped into planet Scylla. They swam into jawblade and yelled at the poor fish swam to the only part of land above water. He witnessed a hero pod crashing into the water. Furno battled the fish and eventually won, taking the shark with hands away by it's tail. Then, the 2/1 got turned into 3/1 because Corroder crashed into them.


He is equiped with a Lazer Tail, a Corrosive Launcher, a Tank Arm, an Explosive Whip, and Explosive Armour.


  • Thunder is similiar to hulk only happier.
  • X-plode is a blow off kind of, thing.
  • Corroder is bossy and intelligant


  • Turned into CorXder

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