Tigrus879 in HF fan-fiction is an underrated veteran and retired hero who currently resides in a Makuhero City Apartment complex. However in real life, he's a GoAnimate V2 Wiki admin, the founder of WikiAnimate, GoAnimator, and CHFW contributor. But that info is relevant to Hero Factory, so let's move forward. As a hero, Tigrus879 has been transferred to several ports across Makuhero City. A portion of civilians request Hero Factory to dispatch him (for they view Tigrus879 as the primary and most reputable source of defense from an anonymous, underrated hero). He was never assigned to any teams.

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Tigrus879 has the following:


  • Quaza Zanktar Blaster: Used to decimate any ongoing villains
  • Melee Duo: His two Melee weapons consist of a Metru Sword (a sword that can ignite on fire and incinerate any enemies) and a plain grey, steel, versatile crowbar
  • Bestial Fists: As an XL hero, Tigrus879's bestial fists are capable of flinging enemies 457 miles up into the air


  • BRF67 Drones: This hero could activate these particular drones to spy on villains
  • The Fve Wolf: Tigrus879's deceased pet; when alive, it was capable of mauling on its adversaries using its sharp jaws and talons; it however, gave a bad impression of itself one time when attempting to maul a civilian (that civilian was never injured)
Strength: 15
Agility: 17
Toughness: 12
Mind: 13
Tigrus879 XL

Tigrus879's XL form