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The Timeline is the only universal wide Hero Factory archives of history that happened throughout nearby galaxies and universes, as well as the Hero Factory Universe itself. Remember: This page is open to ANY users and nobody controls this page. It will NEVER be protected unless there's spoiler warning concerns.

(BVN = Before Von Nebula)

(AVN = After Von Nebula)

(BFL = Before Fire Lord)

(AFL = After Fire Lord)

(BBA = Before Brain Atack)

(ABA = After Brain Atack)

Dates and Times History

BVN & AVN History

*100 years BVN - Akiyama Makuro creates the Hero Factory organization

  • 2523 BVN - Witch Doctor destroyed a holy temple on Yasshilik 3.
  • 1025 BVN - Xajin killed his boss and became the Criminal Organization Leader.
  • 852 BVN - Genx the Genxer destroyed the Omicron Belt.
  • 256 BVN - The Chordak Dragon was first reported exploding out of a volcano.
  • 100 - 0 years BVN - Heroes are assembled, equipped, and sent out to do battle with evil across the galaxy
  • 99 BVN - The first hostile is captured by Hero Factory in a submarine
  • 92 years BVN - Sid Asimo comes to work at the Hero Factory
  • Time unknown - Heroes Duece Carter, Oscar Flint, and Felonius Fox stop a monster from devouring a sun
  • Time unknown - Carter, Flint, and Fox rescue the King of Saturn from the Gorgon of Neptune
  • Time unknown - Carter, Flint, and Fox all head their separate ways
  • 17 years BVN - Professor Nathaniel Zib joins the Hero Factory
  • Time unknown - A Hero Factory Team consisting of Thresher, Von Ness and Preston Stormer protects New Stellac City from a giant robot; Thresher is critically injured, and Von Ness flees civilization
  • Time unknown - Hobo-Chincu, after a galaxy-wide feeding frenzy, checks into a clinic for problem eaters
  • Time unknown - Rotor commits treason on his homeworld and flees into the rest of the galaxy
  • A few years BVN - Snowflake comes to the attention of Hero Factory
  • Time unknown - Meltdown destroys a major city
  • Time unknown - An entire trade fleet is found shredded in their hangars, with Thunder as a suspect
  • Time unknown - Meltdown sabotages an iridium mine
  • 1 year BVN - Gargantuan Smash becomes bored of crime and joins the Hero Factory
  • 1 year BVN - Tibor Terrell secretly begins work on Hero Factory: The Musical
  • 1 year BVN - Hero Factory Alpha Team saves a city from Cornelious Zo and his army of Tiger Ants
  • 1 year BVN - Alpha Team captures a notorious space pirate
  • Time unknown - Corroder sabotages the Cygnia Thermo-Dam
  • 2 months BVN - InterPolar Bear, a polar bear cat burglar, pulls off an art heist in Stellac City
  • 2 years and 3 months AVN - End of the Natov-Cherak War.
  • 3 years AVN - Biosteel is discovered.
  • 3 years, 6 months AVN - Heroes Samuel Swamper and Zakk Bolt are created and send to guard the Biosteel harvesting facility known only as the Swamp Outpost.

BFL & AFL History

BBA & ABA History

  • 10 weeks ABA - Dragon Shifter Project initiated
  • 3 months ABA - Dragon Shifter Project prototype Pryous is created
  • 6 months ABA - Dragon Shifter Project members Terraus, Aquaus, Glacialus and Fulgurus are created, Pryous is assigned the position of team leader of Team Dragon Shifters


  • After Von Nebula does not mean after the defeat of Von Nebula, but after his first very first appearance as a villain. The same goes for Before and After Fire Lord.
  • Before Brain Attack and After Brain Attack are the first attack and after the last one respectively

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