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Von Nebula


A Sword, Old Flight System



Tortoxin is a villain of Hero Factory often disguising himself as others.


Tortoxin was created as a clone of Rotox along with his brother Rotix. They were always sent on missions involving heroes. When he noticed how weak Rotox was and took advantage of it and trick him into making a team. During a mission he stabbed Rotox and threw him off a cliff. He then proceeded to upgrade himself and used his copying ability to his advantage. He snuck into the Hero Factory and killed two heroes. He also made himself look like Von Nebula and killed two villains. He became Von's next trusted servant. He went to Hero Factory disguised as the hero Furno and asked for a mission with some other heroes. When he was done he learned all of the secrets in the Hero Factory. He is wanted for trickery, torture, vandalism and destruction.

Abilities and Traits

Tortoxin has an ability like Rotox. He, like Rotox, always thinks of himself first.


Tortoxin is equipped with on older version of the Flight System.


Strength: 15
Agility: 16
Toughness: 15
Mind: 14


  • The reason Tortoxin killed two villains was because he killed Rotox and he thinks he killed two of Rotix's people.
  • Tortoxin is Toa Zion's primary Hero Factory self-MOC.