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Toxic Savage
Cast Lucas El, Ness Vector, Matthew Spike, Luke Scout, Holly Duska, Michael Dunkan, Noah Eston, Toxic Creepa, Zeta Workers
Minor Story? No
New Forms/New Characters Toxic Creepa
El 3.0
Vector 3.0
Spike 3.0
Scout 3.0

} Toxic Savage is a story about the villain Toxic Creepa betraying his tribe of Z'Chayans. He then tries to destroy it, but was stopped by Zeta 6.

Chapter 1: Toxic Creepa

Matthew Spike was in his hero pod, heading towards the planet Z'Chaya. He had gotten a distress signal from the scout hero Scout.

I wonder what's happened? Spike thought to himself. Scout's defeated a top suspect villain during the breakout.

Spike's hero pod landed and he searched his surroundings. He saw something and blasted it with his crossbow, however, whatever it was, avoided it.

"Whoa, that thing's fast," he said.

Suddenly he saw Scout, or at least he thought he did. Spike quickly followed.

When he came to a dead end, he decided to turn back and start over, but a villain blocked his way.

"You're not going anywhere," the villain said, "I, Toxic Creepa have already defeated one of your troops!" Toxic Creepa blasted a toxic blast. Spike immediately avoided it and fired back. It hit Toxic Creepa straight.

"Yes!" Spike cheered, "That was as easy as- wait, WHAT?!" Toxic Creepa was completely unharmed.

"What's this guy made of?!" Spike said, before retreating ASAP, but Toxic Creepa was too fast. He got in front of Spike and hit him with a golden sword before he could react.

"AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Toxic Creepa laughed evilly. "Two of the elite heroes of the Zeta 6 team are already down! Now...soon I can engage my plan!"

Chapter 2: Upgrades!

The final round of Roboball was about to begin. Vector and Eston vs Duska and Dunkan, the four heroes played fiercely. Dunkan at one point hit the ball so hard, it went flying, bouncing across the entire field. The competitors stepped back to avoid the crazily flying ball.

"Oh that's it!" Duska said as she jumped. She did a quick calculation and grabbed the ball. She was knocked back by the impact, but she got back up.

All of a sudden, the emergency alarm was activated. The ball retreated out of Duska's hands. The heroes saw the Zeta leader, El, at the door.

"We're needed. Come." he said.

The Zeta 6 heroes were lead to the Hero Factory main control room. El explained the situation.

"Scout went missing, and so did Spike, who went to search for him," he said, "We'll be equipping new armor, and going out to find them both."

After equipping armor, including hornet stingers, powerful fists, double pheonix swords, bat wings, and cheetah speed, the heroes took off to Z'Chaya.

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