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Function Making immortality, destruction
Status Mined;overused
Location unknown

Trancidium is an element of creation. It is a mineral that can manipulate true energy, any energy. Trancidium is a stone of destruction and is extremely rare. It is most commonly found at great depths. Ones who can harness the power of trancidium are given immortality. It is currently used and mined by the Shadow Titans and the Tarix Factory, who are selling this rare rock to any villain, for a large price.


Trancidium was discovered by a hero squad investigating a explosion. They gathered it and delivered it to Hero Factory scientists. After discovering what the rock could do, the heroes were sent to find and destroy as many stones as possible. Soon, five mining bots, known as the overlords, stumbled to a undiscovered cave full of trancidium and tried to hardness it. As they say, "Power corrupts". Power hunger and destructive, the overlords attacked Hero Factory. The heroes won, and in the process of losing, all five "friends" turned to stone. After the creation of the Shadow Titans, the trancidium was used for evil purposes.

Known Users

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