Transporter Bug

Brain Factory


Claws, Tail, Energy Shields


All destroyed (reportedly)

Transporter Bugs are genetically modified brains, used to transport dying brains.

Abilities and Traits


These bugs have a de-attachable/re-attachable skeletal womb which can carry imobolised brains to new hosts. The womb will drop off when a suitable location is found, when the brain crawls out, transporters will often pick up the womb for secondary uses. Transporters also use Energy Shields which are connected to their shoulders. These shields can absorb energy around them and from direct projectiles. Once energy has been collected, they can chose either to grow a new brain, or fire out lasers from the hexs in their shields. They use claws and their barbed tail as melee weaponry.


Transporters are green in colouring with red spikes. (beleived to be poisonous) They walk on four claws and have their Energy Shields suspended near their shoulders as well as a long, barbed tail. The actual "head" is a brain itself, as these creatures are inactive when not possesed. Much like modern machines.


Transporters are made from brain bugs. When a unique mutagen is applied, the big grows larger, the original claws become the womb, and new legs are grown from the originals (a pair of which grow into energy shields) and the head and eyes degenerate and instead create a "pedastal" in which the brain bug controller will sit.


Maximum value is ten.

Strength: 7
Agility: 8
Toughness: 6
Mind: 5


  • This is Alphos' only Brain Attack moc.
  • Although they are relatively a walking brain factory, fair few were actually seen.
    • This suggests that they were a difficult specimen to create/manufacture.
  • Hero Factory scientists are currently attempting to replicate the Energt Shield technology to be implemented in future heroes.
  • The only remaining specimens are kept within a Hero Factory reserved "zoo".