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Triton City
Position Tantalus II
Size Metropolis
Population 1.2 Million
Status Inhabited

Triton City is a large Metropolis located on the planet Tantalus II. It is best known for being the main base of The Factory's operatives.


Triton City began as a simple village on an island surrounding the towering Factory, where robot 'Heroes' are produced to fight crime. At first the city's only inhabitants were the families of those who workers at the Factory, but soon it began to grow. The constant presence of these 'Heroes' lured many civilians to the city and it quickly began to expand outwards towards the shoreline. Soon the city complete covered the island, and two additional bridges were built to the mainland to allow easy access to the growing Metropolis.

For a while the expansion stopped as it was debated by the the city's government whether or not to continue growing outward. Eventually it was decided that they would keep the city on the island and simply let the buildings grow upwards. Over time, a downtown area did form around the mainland shore, though it was in constant disarray and home to dozens of shady characters.

Notable Locations

  • The Factory


  • Various Heroes
  • Various Civilians
  • Various Government Officials and Ambassadors