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"Glory To <Insert Name Here>"
―The Trivoli planetary anthem
Type Terrestrial
Location Mutter's Spiral
Solar System Unknown
Sun Unknown
Moons 2
Rotation Period 26 Hours
Orbital Period 273 Days
Orbital Position 3
  • 74% Nitrogen
  • 22% Oxygen
  • 4% Methane
Climate Sustainable
Native Species Scratch's Species

The Planet Trivoli was a terrestrial body. It was the third planet in its Solar System and was famed for being the most conquered planet in the Mutter's Spiral galaxy.


Trivoli had a number of different forms of species. However, the indigenous population was a race of rodent-like humanoids.
This species was one of the single oldest forms of civilization in the galaxy simply because it had a recurring trait among all members of the species, causing them to make gutless decisions and resort to cowardly measures to avoid harm. Other empires were able to simple "turn up" on the planet and win it over without any retaliation as the inhabitants were too cowardly to fight for their own freedom.
Scratch was a former native of Tivoli.


  • The planet Trivoli was heavily based around the planet of the same name that appeared briefly in the Doctor Who storyline.