Affiliation KM-4YT's testing courses
Weapons Guns
Status Safe
Location KM-4YT's Testing courses
"Hallo... Is anyone there..."

The Turrets were made by Jack Crailer to help KM-4YT for his own testing courses.


Jack Crailer built the Turrets for security until the other machine he made for the hero factory, to see if weapons are safe or not. Because KM-4YT made testing courses for itself and Shamus wanted a challenge. After that a lot of people went to Crailer for Turrets.

Abilities and Traits

They have a laser pointer in their eyes to see out any moving object, they also have infinite ammo. Some Turrets come in different classes. Normal, Rocket, Lazar and Grenade.


They shoot out bullets, one at a time, fast as lightning.


They shoot out rockets, one at a time. The rocket moves the same speed as people do.


The Lazar pointer on this one is real a lazar.


They throw grenades everywhere, if you see one throwing a grenade to you its best if you run away and come back to finish destroying it.


Strength: 50
Agility: 50
Toughness: 50
Mind: 0


  • "Hallo"
  • "Is anyone there?"
  • "Target acquired"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "Ow"



  • Turrets are replicable and they know that themselves.
  • The Turrets were based off of a video game called Portal.

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