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100 4352

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General Information

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Misc. Information

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The Tx-9000 is a fast-flying vehicle that converts into a bionic walker.


It is used for multiple missions involving harsh conditions and secret infiltrations. When in vehicle form, it can launch fire from it's blasters and ram enemies, leaving with few scratches. In the bionic walker mode, the Tx-9000 can navigate through rugged terrain and can use it's claws to crush obstacles like a tank.


The Tx-9000 was built by a team of special heroes and scientists, one of them being professor Z. Tripton. Nick Boost was the first hero to test the vehicle and successfully maneuvered the controls. He later aided students by teaching them how to work the ship's controls.The factory has used the Tx-9000 for multiple missions, on the condition that the ship remains the only one in existence. It has since undergone more and more new modifications.


HF moc TX 9000

HF moc TX 9000