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"They Will Fear the Wild"
―Udyr Tiger: Quaza Refinery

Udyr Tiger is a ruthless Tiger-powered being who hunts with his sister Nidalee Amazon. He Is only called on by Hero Factory for exteme missions containing deadly Quaza animals.


Udyr Wasn't created, he was adapted from being a human hunter to a hero hunter. His Sister Nidalee Was made straight out of the Assembly Tower.

Udyr Has Being on deadly Missions, namely controlling the Quaza output that comes from Quatros. He was upgraded and recognized buy Preston Stormer.


Udyr has 2 parts to his personality. One side of him is quiet when he is not hunting. The 2nd Part is dangerous when in combat he turns into a wild animal. He enjoys the thrill of hunting.


Udyr has 2 Quaza Claws to embrace the feel of the Tiger and the thrill of the hunt.

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