I'm returning to this wiki once again, which looking at the wiki activity needs some life support. Hopefully this contest will be one. For a farewell to Hero Factory and a hello to this mysterious new theme no one has ever heard of ever called bionicle, it would be appropiate on many levels to have this contest. You have to make a Hero Factory MoC entirely made with BIONICLE pieces. So I will go over rules.

  • Main part of this is no hero factory pieces at all. You can use the first wave with Von Nebula and everyone's favorite Furno Bike. 
  • No figures with over 300 pieces. 
  • 3 winners


  • If it is a hero, you could make a custom hero core.
  • If it is a villain, no black pieces.

Remember this is all to help the community gain activity.

Voting will end November 12th. And yes there will be voting. They should be in comments because polls get reset when you add another option.

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