Howdy folks, it's your evil lord and master BobTheDoctor27 here, bringing you yet another MOC blog.

Now, previously, I've been a little preoccupied. I have my final exams this month so, after posting this, I probably won't return to normal activity until late May, maybe even early June - which I hope you can all understand.

Exams are important. Some of this wiki's older contributors will know the gravity of exam-season and the sense of impending doom that grips us all. But that doesn't mean I won't have free time every so often. ;)

But life isn't always full of bad news... just mostly. :P

So, without further moaning about examinations, allow me to introduce this wiki's mascot... completely revamped. :D

Jenny Sharp... REVAMP!


First up, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I promised to create 1.0 forms for both Jenny Sharp and Sam Clank. Now, seeing as the 1.0 frame was never released, Clank's form will probably need a while. But I have managed to work on Sharp...

1.0 sharp 01 1.0 sharp 02 M1 Sharp2.0 Images 04 1.0 sharp 04
Jennifer Sharp 1.0
Still a skilled medic and one of Delta 4's two leaders, Sharp is capable and responsible.

Also, I made sure I revamped the 1.0 arms. This allows Sharp greater flexibility and allowed me to continue her traditional gunmetal color-scheme.

Armed with her Multi-Tool Bolt Launcher, Sharp is able to launch bubbles of energy that can snare a target and suspend them in stasis. Alternatively, the weapon can be switched to an alternate setting in which a high pressure jet of water can be blasted at a target or... to combat infection, the weapon can also be switched into a flamethrower-like device.

Indeed Sharp 1.0 is an effective operative for the Hero Factory. Being a willing tactician and having proved herself to be able to keep a level head in the face of danger, this female has proved herself to be one of Hero Factory's elite.


Now this next one's been around for quite some time. Obviously, we've all seen Sharp 2.0... if you haven't you may wish to consult one of this wiki's previous logos...

But I've been itching to revamp her lately. Ever since the 3.0 sets were released I began to associate her right shoulder with them and... frankly... I didn't like it anymore. Plus I REALLY wanted the chance to get some more gunmetal armor into her, as well as take the opportunity to heighten her with the slightly-longer, lower leg pieces.

2.0Sharp 01 2.0Sharp 02 0x150px 0x150px
Jennifer Sharp 2.0
Although she was given a 1.0 form, Sharp did not appear for the first time in any story until her 2.0 form, in Dance in the Flames.

Now you may wonder exactly what has been changed, and I'll tell you. I've completely redone her right arm and changed her lower legs. But, aside from that, there's not a great deal of difference.

Armed with her Multi-Tool Ice Shield, Sharp is able to launch bursts of ice at a target. Alternatively, the weapon can be switched to an alternate setting, allowing it her to inject wounded heroes with anesthetic. The tool is also equipped with a small buzz-saw to cut through both ice and bad-guys' ugly faces... so watch out Von Nebula... you failure of a set... ;)

So, it would appear that's it. I haven't done a Breakout form for Sharp because I'm lazy and you've all seen her 3.0 form already so it looks like that's it...

...Or is it...? :D

Custom Sharp

Basically, with this version, I just wanted to create a unique version of Sharp, one that really encaptures her character without having to rely on the new standardized building system. Although I love the new system, it can be limited, and I don't like being predictable. I'm an erratic person and I want this wiki to have a mascot that reflects unique nature of every single one of it's editors. :D

Ulti-Sharp 0 Ulti-Sharp 02 Ulti-Sharp 04 Ulti-Sharp 05 Ulti-Sharp 06
Ulti-Sharp 08 Ulti-Sharp 10 Ulti-Sharp 11 Ulti-Sharp 13

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