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  • BulkPrime

    Rebooting my work

    February 18, 2016 by BulkPrime

    hey, it's been a while, i've been REAL busy with school and moving and whatnot, anyways, i've been revising my Hero Factory fanfic Hero Factory: The Next Deunamist making some major changes, here are some of them:

    1.The title is now gonna be Special Task Force: Alpha Team

    2.the setting remains the same, it takes place in an alternate universe where the characters are humans, it takes place in japan

    3, Black Phantom is the true main villan

    4. i changed some names of the characters, i haven't come up with names for everyone but here are some that i've come up with:

    a. Furno is now Kotaru Takeru

    b.Von Nebula is a female and her real name is Vennesa Von Ness

    5. character genders have been switched, they are: Von Nebula, Meltdown and Evo

    6.the original…

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  • BulkPrime

    this is a preview of how they will henshin, keep in mind Bulk and Stringer is not in here yet [the henshin is based of Kamen Rider Kabuto]


    "Henshin!"= Japanese [it's suppose to be their translation from japanese to english]

    "Henshin!" = Their belt's voice

    "Henshin!" = English

    "Surge! Breez! Let's Henshin!" Furno said pulling out his Belt and Badge. Surge and Breeze does the same.

    "Yes sir!" they said, they put on their belts and yelled: "Henshin!"

    "Henshin!" as bulky armor coverder their bodies, then they twist their badges and said "Casting off!" and pressed the badges.

    "Casting off!" the armor litteraly flew from their bodies revealing more sleek and less bulky armor, their helmets then changed to cover their faces in animal based helmets.


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  • BulkPrime

    okay, before i started writing my story of HF:TND, i had another concept of it which mostly focusses on only one character (Furno) sorta like the Kamen Rider series where it shows you the strugle of the main hero, heres how it would look like:

    [5:00 AM, Furno's house, Makuhero City, Japan]

    [Furno's POV]

    "Onii-chan! wake up, it's time for school!" my little sister yelled while banging my door, God i always hated it when she does that.

    "yeah sure whatever" i yelled back, i heard her walk away from my door and i slowly got up, who am i you ask? well let me introduce myself, I'm William Furno, Senior at Makuhero City Highschool, i was one of those guys who back when i was younger i used to get picked on by bullies for being a nerd, now those days …

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  • BulkPrime

    i just made a story called Hero Factory: The Next Deunamist, it's basicly a human version of Hero Factory, but with more complex plots and twist, ill update it when i have the chance

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  • BulkPrime

    what has the 3 virtues taught us? unity, meaning we should unite, duty, meaning we should fufill our work, destiny, meaning we should fufill what we were created to do, if we could do that in bionicles, why dont we do that to hero factory? and make it a worthy succesor, together.

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