1.0 Form
Affiliation Hero Factory
Weapons Laser Assault Rifle, turbine jet, shield blasters (formerly)
Colours silver, white, lime
Location Makuhero City
Status Alive, active
Team Epsilon-2 Team, "Joker Platoon"
Aliases "Val" (for short)
Classification Distance specialist; capable of flight

Quote coming soon.

Valkyrie Hawkeye is a Hero in her prime, and has been assigned to the Epsilon-2 team since her creation.



Like all other Heroes, she was built in the Hero Factory Assembly Tower. Nothing special there.

However, she was immediately fitted with a turbine jet upon creation, and was initially equipped with twin shield blasters.


She was then assigned to the Epsilon-2 team upon completing her training. At this time, Dustin Cyclops had no been created.

She mainly worked alongside Kendrick Ironhide and Tobias Firestorm during her service under Fenian Mass, the current leader at that time. Fenian had control over gravity.

The three, Hawkeye, Ironhide, and Firestorm, were eventually treated as a separate team altogether, since the trio stuck together, yet were apart from the other three members of the team.

This turned out to be a mistake.


Fenian was killed.

It was a clean shot, with a Swarm-I-class missile. Right in the chest, at terminal range. The mission Valkyrie was carrying out soon fell apart.

Had Kendrick, Tobias, or her was beside Fenian, his death could have been averted.

Fenian was defusing a bomb. Also, two other members of the Epsilon-2 team were killed in the resulting chain of explosions.

Upon her arrival to Makuhero City, only three members of her team were left. As Nathaniel debriefed the three heroes, one could almost feel the tension in the air, as the holo-vids played and re-played her mistake.

Dustin Cyclops, Maedria Black, and Drake Extreem were called to fill in the gaps, and Tobias was promoted to deupty leader. Dustin became leader, and shame was brought down upon her team.

It about this time when Fire Lord rose. Fire Lord had many other henchmen, not only the three other bots that accompanied him form Tallos 5. He had drones, sniper bots, bomb-drones, and more. And Fire Lord wanted the Epsilon-2 team dead after he learned how three of the team members almost took down one of his fellow fire villains.

The attempted assassination took place as the team was training. Clangs of metal upon metal and gunbursts filled the air. No one noticed the sniper drone positioned in the rafters above. Except for Maedria. Her recon training had heightened her visual senses. Therefore, the sniper drone was sliced open with a thrown dagger, just as it was going to shoot Valkyrie.

And the Joker Platoon lived happily ever after.

Well, mostly. Cuz' Silverjaw was coming to town.

Tallos 5

Hero Factory caught wind of Silverjaw's doings on Tallos 5. Dustin Cyclops, Maedria Black, and Val were assigned this mission. This was a few days before the attempted assassination.

It seemed like a success, after Silverjaw was driven off, but the entire planet was plunged into a power outage five days later.

A complete failure, then.


Valkyrie's story continues in Infernum .

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