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Vapour is a villain that serves under Von Nebula. He is also stronger then most of his fellow Henchbots.


Years ago, Vapour killed a rich man named Abramm Livnon. The Hero Factory Murder Team was tasked with finding him and bringing him to prison. This mission was successful, but more recently he escaped. Vapour mysteriously returned and made an apprarance at Acid Wharf, threatening to destroy the ZETA Operation once and for all, until Andy Byte defeated him. Since then, he has not appeared. Yet rumors are about that after Von Nebula and the majority of his crew's capture, Vapour has been plotting ways to free them and destroy Makuhero City. This mission was accomplished in Fall of Magma Moon, when he participated in the method of freeing his allies.


  • Hero Factory: Born of Betrayal


  • He is friends with Goldslicer.
  • He is the only 2010 canon villain who did not appear in the "Rise of the Rookies" Special.
  • He shares the same helmet as Rotor, only in blue.

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