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Viola Race
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"I'm gonna' rip your throat out.


―Viola, prior to battling Thunder

Viola Race is a triple agent working with an unknown syndicate with forged loyalty with II Veltro and the Hero Factory.


Viola was first built by her original affiliation and assigned to spy on II Veltro and eliminate them, whatever it takes. She then disguised as a hopeful for a job in II Veltro as their assassin. She managed to pull it through to gain the leader's trusts. As she gained more and more information, she realized that she only needed to eliminate them now that she has what it takes to destroy them and the only way to do it is by joining the Hero Factory. She later joined Hero Factory with guise as their double-agent.

Veltro II Conspiracy

She was later assigned along with fellow hero: Mick Hardware to investigate II Veltro operations in the Queen Astoria. However, they got lost in the middle of a snow region. She continued to seduce Hardwire in their way but was always got turned down, Mick wanting to keep it professional. Eventually, they got into the ship. They got in just as the same time as Thunder and her teammates got into the ship. Along the way, the had to separate ways to save themselves from the Oozes. Her cover was nearly blown when a teammate of Thunder's contacted her and informed her that there may be a mole before she kills him. After a game of cat and mouse, her cover was finally blown. Realizing that she has no other way before she is caught, she activates the self-destruct device and escapes captivity, leaving her fake teammates to fend off for themselves. After the Queen Astoria explodes, she was contacted by her original affiliation, happily accepting another job. Since there were no other mentions of Viola later, it is unknown where she is or what is she doing.

After II Veltro

Months after the last job she accepted, she decided to leave her permanent, stay-on-HQ post and be a travelling agent, so she travels from place to place, accepting missions, however, she is never to go back to HQ, as she has her own little HQ in form of her communicator and smart tablet.

She later accepts another job which is to eliminate Thunder at all costs, retrieve the clones, and recruit them as to rewrite their affliation. She then goes to the Antarctic to the facility, only to find an empty one as the clones have been removed and the files ransacked due to Hardwire arriving earlier. She leaves the facility and decides to eliminate Thunder first, only to meet the person face-to-face.


After meeting Thunder, she decides to hold off communications, disabling her communicator, before starting to fight her. Thunder originally wanted to capture her, however, after Viola nearly kills her, she realizes that she is out for blood. She then starts retaliating Viola's attacks. The match went on for minutes before Thunder finally has the upper hand and cuffs her. Viola however, struggles and reveals her Gun, which she uses to destroy her cuffs, at the cost of her own blade. She then concedes and flees, only for Thunder to shoot her. The bullet hits her head, and she falls down, dead.

Her body then decomposes and rusts away in the snow, her body being severely damaged and unrecognizable by the time Hardwire finds her body.

Abilities and Traits


There isn't much of Viola to know unless that she is able to do stealth maneuvers very fast and highly military trained as she is capable of breaking one of Thunder's teammate's neck without leaving any fingerprint. She is also capable of breathing underwater for a long time, approximated around 4-5 hours.


Viola is a very mysterious woman, counting the fact that she is a stealth agent but she is known to be treacherous as she is willing to betray or even kill her comrades. She is also sometimes seductive, occasionally seducing Hardwire despite being turned down in her every efforts.

In the II Veltro case, she is shown to be capable of maintaining her professionalism and her cool, turning aside her personal emotions. This however, was proved false by the time she fights Thunder, disabling communications despite orders to fall back as she was nearly pinned down and a personal impulse rampaging to kill the target despite the odds, one of the traits that eventually led to her death.


  • Viola wields a single plasma gun before she became a triple agent</li>
  • She wields dual plasma guns in her times as a II Veltro agent</li>
  • She currently wields a single plasma gun and dual knifes


    Viola 4

    Viola in her times as a II Veltro agent.

    Viola 3

    Viola's original form before she became triple agent


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